Let the sadness kill me.

Rebecca. New York. Living life one nightmare at a time. My face.
My writings.

"i’m at a point in my life where everything is falling apart and everything is coming together at the same time."

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My summer. (June 1st - September 1st)

congratulations, beautiful!

Thank you sweetie!!!
Anonymous: How did you lose weight!? 😦

Honestly it sounds so cliche but mostly all i did was eat right and exercise. I will admit though that i am pretty extreme with both eating healthy and exercising but thats only because i wanted to lose this weight fairly quickly. I eat a lot of lean protein (no red meat), with a lot of veggies and fruit (a lot of watermelon bc 95% water but its also so filling). And as for working out, i slacked a little in july but I was going away at the end of august so I went as much as possible throughout the month - doing a mixture of cardio and weight training. Also, as for snacking, (this really helped me beat the random snack temptations) i would always have sugar free jello in the house and whenever i wanted something to hold me over id just have one of those (- only 5 cals). So yeah, if you have more specific questions totally come off anon and we can chat! xoxoxo

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My summer. (June 1st - September 1st)

Hang out and fall in love - Alasdair McLellan and Benjamin Bruno shoot Lily and Natalie. LOOK

by Erika Altosaar

Untilted by Greg Adamski
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Louise de Chevigny by Brydie Mack
(via Wolfcub Chronicles)
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if ur looking for me i’ll be in the trash

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